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About Us

Northwest Bellydance is a professional bellydance and tribal fusion troupe offering bellydance and tribal fusion performances in Spokane, as well as regularly across the Inland Northwest area from Seattle, Washington to Helena, Montana and beyond! Whether you are looking for a professional solo bellydance for a birthday party or the whole troupe for your wedding, we have the perfect party package or you! In addition to performing at hundreds of private events, and some of the areas biggest and best public events such as First Night Spokane and the Spokane County Fair, the company regularly produces theatrical shows at the Bing Crosby Theater and other venues.

The Northwest Bellydance Academy
offers the largest selection of bellydance and tribal fusion classes in the Inland Northwest, all under one roof. With three instructors offering nearly 20 hours of instruction per week for children and adults of all levels from beginning to professional, there is something for everyone. We are proud to consistently be rated the best bellydance school!

To find out more about classes, workshops, public performances, hiring for events and more please browse our website. If you have any questions please contact us at
(509) 481-1533. Thank you for visiting us!

(509) 481-1533 | Info@NorthwestBellydance.com | 5515 N Oak St Spokane, WA 99205
Looking for weekly classes in bellydance and tribal fusion?
Learn to bellydance for a great way to have fun while exercising, increase your confidence and learn to express yourself, all while in the company of a supportive community of women. Everyone is welcome regardless of expereince, size, age or gender. We have classes for adults and kids Monday - Thursday.

Welcome to Northwest Bellydance Company, your destination for professional bellydance performances, instruction and more in Spokane and the Inland Northwest.
Looking to hire belly dancers for your special event?
We can provide unforgetable entertainment for weddings, birthdays, corporate parties and more! Our shows are family friendly, unique and fun! Wether you are looking for a large stage show or audience participation to get your crowd going, we have a package for you.
Class Info  |  Schedule  |   Registration  |  (509) 481-1533
BookingResume |  (509) 481-1533
Want to see a live bellydance show?
We host a wide range of events, from full scale theater shows to student recitals. We also perform frequently at a wide range of public events.
Weekly shows every Friday:
Azars Greek Restaurant 2501 N Monroe St - Shows at 6:45 and 7:30
Red Lantern lounge 1406 W 3rd Ave - Hour and a half show at 5:00
Events  |  Weekly Shows | (509) 481-1533