Prices for hourly lessons: (some classes are shorter or longer)

$12 per lesson
$40 per month (4 lessons)
$100 per session (12 lessons)

Multiple-class discounts and family rates are available.

Private lessons- $20 per hour
Group Improvisational Style (ATS):
The ultimate in sisterhood! This style can make a  
group of dancers look like they share the same mind  
as they dance in unison, even to live music none of  
them has ever heard! Subtle cues are the secret, and  
there is a whole vocabulary to learn. The most  
awesome thing is that you can dance with ANY  
dancers anywhere in the world that know the same  
dance language! How cool is that?!
Introduction to Tribal Fusion:
Welcome to the dark side! This modern form,  
based on and fueled by ancient cultural memory,  
takes the art of bellydance to a whole new level!   
Deep and mysterious, feline and serpentine, this  
style commands attention. Come explore the  
sheer power of femininity. Strengthen your body  
and spirit as you learn to move your body in  
whole new ways you may not have thought  
Children's Classical Bellydance:
In this course, children are introduced to the  
classical art form of bellydance. This course offers  
a great way to instill confidence, grace, and poise,  
all while having fun, learning a wonderful skill, and  
developing character. Girls are taught in a manner  
that is accessible and appropriate to their age,  
setting them on a path of strength and comfort in  
their own skin as confident, powerful young  
Ask us about our creative movement classes for  
ages 2-3.
Classical Bellydance:
This is what most people think of when they hear the word "bellydance"; light, colorful, and airy to watch and equally uplifting to perform. "Old World Egyptian technique and Hollywood glamour meet the grace and discipline of ballet."
This style forms the base of everything we teach and is the foundation on which our other styles are built. The basic moves of bellydance are very natural to the body of a female. Though they may seem daunting at first, once your learn, the dance becomes magic, freeing your soul as you begin to feel the goddess within you. 
Our dance classes will help you get in shape and feel great, not only in body, but mind and spirit as well! Bellydance is the gateway to femininity and therefore confidence in a masculine world where a woman can sometimes feel lost and out of place. The movements of bellydance are natural and comfortable, beautiful and graceful. Anyone can learn! No matter what your level, from ultra beginner to professional performer, we will work you hard and you'll love every minute of it!
"Steam Swept Lullaby"
created by Sevannah
Northwest Bellydance Company
First Night, 2012-2013
Delilah teaching kids class
Northwest Bellydance Academy
Thanks to one of our dads for sharing these clips!
This is our signature choreography, "Mystik Dream"
created by Nefabit in 2008,
a classical example of classical bellydance
with modern cinematic music