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Mystik Dream is BACK!
Delilah Ra, company owner, has spent the past few years fighting a war with life and drama, but has come out with flying colors; stronger, happier, and better than ever! Check out the Library for an upcoming short story on Delilah's adventures the past couple years!

How do you like it so far?  :)
Lot's of work to do still, but it's coming along nicely! Please excuse any glitches and errors during all this construction, but please do not hesitate to let me know if something is not working right or needs attention! Send me a note at
Would you like to be a part of  
One Billion Rising?   
*** FREE CLASS!!!! ***
One Billion Rising is a Global campaign to END  
oppression and abuse of women worldwide as well as  
for you or someone right next to you. One voice is lost  
and alone, but One Billion voices together cannot be  
ignored as we shout and dance and make our  
patriarcal society hear us loud and clear.   
Come learn the choreography to Break The Chain, or  
watch the instruction video to the right ->. Together we  
ARE making a difference!  
The Date is February 14. There are several events  
around our area including one at MSU, on the 13th.
All ages!  -  Both male and female dancers welcome!  
Call or text us at 662-242-3788 ASAP!
Almishkal, 2010
Bing Crosby Theater, Spokane, WA
We are pleased to announce that our new Studio is  
finished and ready for classes! We are starting  
enrollment for the winter session, so check out our  
classes page to see all the different styles we teach,  
descriptions, and pricing options. Throughout the  
Holiday Season we have a special 2 for 1 introductory  
offer, so now is a great time to start!!